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At my current, and past, position I have been responsible for blog, website and Social Media content creation which, aside from my graphic and design work, included writing. Here are samples of blog posts and website articles I have written.


Article – “Primelite Looks at the Light Bulb” 

“Over the next few weeks Primelite will be taking a look at the different types of light bulbs. From Incandescent to LED, lighting has changed immensely over the past 200+ years…”

A Series of posts defining the different bulbs found in commercial light fixtures.


Blog Post – “LED-ing the Way

“As the 20th century was lighted by incandescent bulbs, the next hundred years is likely to be dominated by LED lamps…”



“Spices are a tasty addition to any kitchen. But spices aren’t just for cooking. Many spices, in fact, have uses far beyond the kitchen”

Decommissioned Website – Chef Cherie


Blog Post – “Primelite’s Popular New Satellite to Conquer the World

“Primelite takes a space trip back in time…to introduce our new satellite inspired pendant, “Sputnik”, #70/12-8. Launched along with our latest catalog update, the fixtures in our Sputnik Series are reminiscent of the clean lines of the early space days”

Introducing Primelite Mfg’s new “Satellite Series ” of lighting fixtures.


Blog Post – “What’s the Buzzzzz! in Rockville Center, NY?

“Gooseneck #20/850 is the Buzzzzz!”

“What’s the Buzzzzz!” is a weekly series of posts highlighting the onsite installation and use of Primelite Mfg’s lighting fixtures.



“Once the basic spices and herbs are part of your home cooking its time to start expanding your kitchen’s palate with these spice suggestions:”

Decommissioned Website – Chef Cherie


Blog Post – Introducing ‘Primelite Collections: Mason Jar Series’ & Catalog

“With a modern and contemporary look, you’ll brighten any interior with these playful and colorful mason jar fixtures.”

Introducing Primelite Mfg’s “Primelite Collections: Mason Jar Series.


Articles – Holidays on the Net

Holidays on the Net is a website I created which celebrated the holidays of the year. From major holidays, Christmas and Halloween, to the daily holidays of the year, such as National Pickle Day. I researched and wrote approximately 3/4 of the articles on the site.

Samples of my writing.

The Story of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

The History of Mother’s Day

The History of Father’s Day

The Story of Halloween

The Festival of Kwanzaa

America’s First Thanksgiving

Holidays on the Net was visited by millions yearly, and used by educators worldwide. My writing was reproduced in periodicals and newspapers, as well as reference books found in libraries and schools. The website was sold in 2011 and my writing is still online.