It’s Me | Louie Volpe

Greetings and welcome to my portfolio.

I am a Creative and inventive Designer with many years of experience in Graphic Design, Website Design, WordPress (development/maintenance), product photography, catalog creation (digital and print), web video creation and editing, HTML and Social Media content creation.

I’ve be been asked what has been the favorite project of my career. I would have to say the creation of a website called Holidays on the Net, which celebrated the holidays of the year. From major holidays, Christmas and Halloween, to the daily holidays of the year, such as National Pickle Day.

The site was visited by millions yearly, and used by educators worldwide. It was even used by US Embassies, globally, to teach people in those countries about US holidays. My work was reproduced in periodicals and newspapers, as well as reference books found in libraries and schools. While I sold the website in 2011, it is thrilling to know that millions are still enjoying, and learning, from my work.

I thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and invite you to review my resume as well.


Louie Volpe